COIN White Label Banking App
Our goal was to build a white label app that was flexible, scalable, and distinctive in the crowded world of banking. Something that stood out, didn’t fall into the same run-of-the-mill style and layout, and offered a unique perspective into one’s finances. 
Brand Refresh + Style Guide
A small team of UX and UI designers put our heads together on how to bring this app to life. 

My involvement included:
•  Research, inspiration boards
•  Concept + strategy 
•  Recreation of the logo
•  Color palette exploration and selection
•  Font selection

Color testing

Font testing
Design System
We are in the process of building this app from the ground up. We have one month to establish a design system that can work on both the app and desktop platforms. 

My involvement included:
•  Color palette utilization
•  Type scales
•  Grids, margins, layout
•  Components (buttons, lists, inputs)
•  Implementation of Material design elements
•  Establishing patterns
•  Assisted in token system creation
Here are some initial screens built to date implementing our design system, color palette, and type scales across both the app and desktop.

My involvement included:
•  Dashboard design
•  Create account + onboarding flow
•  Transfer flow
Key Differentiator
A key differentiator we pitched is the “Spend Story”. With the functionality of Instagram Stories combined with the content of Spotify Wrapped (or Strava Year in Review), a user can quickly view their top financial stats in an easily digestible story. 

My involvement included:
•  Concept development
•  Visual exploration

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