Digit + Oportun Rebrand
Joining the Digit team during a period of acquisition from Oportun presented an exciting opportunity for me to spearhead a complete rebrand. As the Lead Brand Designer, I played a critical role in creating guidelines and developing a strong cross-channel design system. I oversaw every aspect of the rebranding process, including the revitalization of the logo and bug, the selection of a new color palette and font, and the implementation of stunning illustrations, photography, and iconography.

In addition to leading the rebranding efforts, I also led the overall strategy and design of all web properties for both Digit + Oportun. Following a comprehensive audit of the existing web properties, the decision was made to rebuild them for optimal efficiency and performance. To ensure seamless integration across desktop and mobile platforms, I implemented a templated and flexible modular component system that spanned over 50 pages, including home, product, and landing pages in both English and Spanish languages. To ensure optimal user experience, I initiated a testing plan and created alternate designs for hero creatives, home page tab structure, and navigation layout.

The site underwent a redesign with a focus on the homepage hero section and a streamlined product tab layout.

To enhance the user experience, the hero section of each page was revamped with genuine and authentic imagery featuring actual product screens that members would encounter in the app, replacing the generic stock portrait photography and icons.

Transformed a basic, single drop-down menu into a comprehensive navigation system, featuring a column for additional information and a designated cross-selling space for the app and other products. A plan for conducting a A/B tests was initiated to determine the most effective and impactful advertisements for the space.

The loan calculator played a crucial role in driving conversions, but needed a facelift to make it more prominent on the website. Because the calculator's layout varied depending on user inputs, a flexible design was necessary to accommodate its dynamic nature.

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