2020 In-House Vis–ID + Brand Refresh
Over the past 5 years at StubHub, I have weathered a lot of change, from a full in-house marketing/brand/creative team to the sole creative on a lean marketing crew of 12. Initially brought on for my motion and design skills, I have grown into the Creative Lead role where I strategize, develop and execute our visual aesthetic, direct external agencies, partner with cross-channel stakeholders and oversee all brand content.

A major lift from start to finish, we brought the brand from a dull, filter-heavy, inconsistent look into a bright, flexible, and energetic aesthetic. 

I assisted in every piece of the refresh:
•  Strategy + art direction
•  Imagery exploration and acquisition
•  Type treatments
•  Composition & layout
•  Color palette exploration
•  Channel implementation

The guidelines of the refresh were completed just as COVID hit. When my entire team was laid off, the execution of the new brand was (and still is) solely in my hands.

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